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Willing Workers

Every family of our school and those who support Christian education are members of the Willing Workers society.  Throughout the year there are fundraisers to earn money for various departments and needs of the school to help keep tuition costs down considerably for everyone.  Each family will be required to donate of their time, food and talents with each fundraiser as every child in our school benefits from all fundraisers.

As we have been saying for many years, “Many hands make light work!”  Please take the time to find your name to see where you will be needed to make each fundraiser at our school a success.  Committee books are available in the school office for those who are the head of a committee.  Contact Patti Westra if you want to check out one of those books (she is the only one authorized.)

Willing Workers Committee Assignments List

Willing Workers Officers



President:  Kristen Van Donselaar      Vice-President: Shari Westercamp

Treasurer:  Amie Roberts          Vice-Treasurer: Merribeth De Groot

Corresponding Secretary: : Georgina De Ronde

Recording Secretary: Michelle Hol