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Welcome to Oskaloosa Christian School's Student Resource Page! 

Under the Student resource link you will find a number AEA Online resources for our students to access.   A number of the websites require a username and password.  Use the information below to access each link. 

The Username for each website is oskych3

The Password for each website can be obtained by contacting the school office.

  1. Atomic Learning - An electronic help desk and training system for your favorite software programs
  2. - Clip art, photos, images, fonts, and sounds
  3. EBSCO - Magazine, biographies, primary source documents, newspapers, and education journals
  4. Multimedia Archive - Photos, audio clips, charts, tables, and maps from the Associated Press archives
  5. SIRS Researcher - Articles exploring social, scientific, health, historic, business, economic, political, and global issues
  6. United Streaming - Digital video content for streaming and downloading
  7. World Book Online - The print edition with additional articles, videos, pictures, sounds and all World Book primary source librairies.