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November 15, 2016
Dear Oskaloosa Christian School Parents,
This year the State of Iowa has given the Legacy Of Grace Student Tuition Organization(LOG-STO) the opportunity to raise $590,835 for tuition assistance.
LOG-STO is in its 10th year of existence. Our purpose is to raise funds in order to provide scholarships for eligible students to attend a Christian School. The State of Iowa gives a 65% tax credit on all donations to this great cause. LOG-STO is proving to be extremely beneficial in its effort to help families be able to afford a Christian Education for their children. 
In the 10 years of LOG-STO’s existence we have distributed 3.45 million dollars to 4,328 children with tuition grants for their Christian education. Last year’s grants averaged $1178 per eligible student. The families representing LOG-STO have one of the highest eligibility rates for receiving tuition grants for Christian education in the whole state of Iowa. This means the families that send their children to our schools are sacrificing much and are extremely dedicated to providing a Christ-centered education for their children. 
There is a link in the left columnn for the Donation Form. We encourage you to visit with your tax preparer and ask them about the Student Tuition Organization Tax Credit to consider the potential of this program to benefit you by reducing your tax liability. LOG-STO accepts donations of cash, stock and grain. We also ask you to pray and seek God’s guidance in this matter. Thank you for your consideration!
We want to emphasize that your gifts should not replace the present giving that you do for Christian education.
In Christ,
Joel A. Groenenboom            Anne De Bruin
President of the Board          OSCI LOG Representative
(641)295-2003                        (641)660-9520