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TRIP News & Policies

TRIP Program Policies


1) There is NO charge to sign-up for the program. You will be asked to re-register at the beginning of each school year. The way your account is set up to be credited cannot be changed during the school year.

2) GLScrip orders are due Monday by noon. Pick up will be on Friday from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

3) TRIP orders will be processed according to the schedule posted in the Highlights/Chronicles and on the website.


5) An account number will be assigned to each family. Even if you are donating all your purchases to another family, we would like you to sign-up for your own account. It makes our book-keeping easier.

6) All checks can be made payable to OSCI TRIP. The checks are non-tax deductible because you receive dollar for dollar value.

7) Cash & Carry TRIP (available during school hours in the office) MUST be picked up in the office. Cash & Carry orders may not be sent in with your child.

8) TRIP certificates/cards are not returnable. Please verify your order before submitting it.

9) PRESTO PAY is an option available for automatic withdrawal from your bank account. Each order has a $.15 service charge. You will have to sign up online ( You will then receive a numerical code which needs to be turned in to the TRIP Coordinator in order to activate your account.

10) The SCRIPWARE website ( also gives you the option of ordering through your smartphone if you have Presto Pay. You are: i. Able to reload an existing card while shopping if that store offers that option. ii. Able to use the option of “ScripNow eCards” which allows you, for certain stores, to download a card for immediate use. (i.e. if at Kohl’s and don’t have a physical card you can purchase a ScripNow eCard)

11) A disclaimer form must be signed for GLScrip orders to be released to someone other than yourself. This individual will ONLY receive the certificates/cards ordered under your family number.

12) TRIP certificates/cards are just like cash. Once your order is picked up, you are responsible for lost, stolen or misplaced certificates/cards. Neither OSCI, the TRIP program, nor the retailer will be held responsible.

13) Each family must use TRIP at least once per year to keep their account active.

14) OSCI offers TRIP as a promotion for the education of students at a Christian school. You may have your proceeds applied to more than one school (i.e. OSCI & PCHS). If you no longer have students at a Christian school, you may have your TRIP account balance applied to: i. Your outstanding tuition balance ii. Donated to up to 4 families of your choice


iii. Donated to the Tuition Assistance Fund at OSCI iv. Donated to Willing Workers v. Saved for future enrollment
Updated 6/3/16