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  • Oskaloosa Christian gets First Place!
  • Watch 2021-2022 Chapels here!


                                                  Watch 2021-2022 Chapels here!


                                           ----------> August 23rd Chapel <---------- 


  • Boxtop Program Changes
    Boxtop program
  • Use Amazon Smile to help support our school!

    Did you know that you can support our school when shopping on Amazon!!  Use Amazon Smile and a % of your purchase will be donated to Oskaloosa Christian.   
    Any money will go into our student activities fund at the school, which helps to cover various class expenses throughout the year.

    You can use this direct link to be sure our school is connected to receive the donation from your purchases!

  • Giving Tree Project

    GIVING TREE: The Willing Workers Executive Committee is excited to announce our new “Giving Tree” project. The “Giving Tree” is set up at school and will be up all next week yet. On the flower ornaments are wishes, from the teachers, for items they are requesting for their classrooms, the o ce, P.E., etc. Grandparents, parents and friends are encouraged to take the ornaments from the tree, purchase the requested item and return the item to the teacher with the name of the giver on the back of the ower ornament and attached to the item. There will be 2 different sizes of owers on the tree. The bigger owers will have the items that the teachers have selected as priority items needed in their classrooms and the smaller owers will be items that are less of a priority. Also, each classroom and department will have their own color of ornaments so if you choose to buy something for a certain classroom/department you will know which color you are looking for. There will be a color chart by the tree that will show the colors. We ask that the items that are purchased be delivered to the teachers/staff by the end of the school year. For those of you who wish to give a monetary cash donation there are envelopes hanging on the tree that you can take from the tree, put your donation in the envelope and put the envelope in the basket that will be by the tree. Let’s join together and bless our teachers!