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2016 Oskaloosa Christian Volleyball Team


Front row, left to right: Angela Rooda, Olivia Van Arkel, Rori Evans
Back row: Amanda Fay, Kyah Chamberlin, Noelle Ruckman, Rylie Sytsma


"The 7th and 8th grade girls had such an awesome volleyball season and it was an honor to coach them!  These girls worked so hard and listened to everything that I asked them to do. One of my favorite things was hearing my exact words said on the court by the girls. They really brought into what I was saying and that's all a coach can really ask for. The growth that I saw from all of these girls was so rewarding.  We worked a lot on communication, encouragement, and improving their volleyball skills.  I am so proud of how their confidence on the court improved.  I had so much fun coaching them and getting to know them as individuals! They always were an awesome representation of Christ on the court."   - Coach Lauren McDonald