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Leah Stam

Leah Stam
Leah Stam
Jr. High Bible
Phone: 672-2174

ost of you don't really need to "meet" me, as I've been around the area for 13  years, and at Oskaloosa Christian for 11 years!  

For those of you who don't know me well, here's a quick summary of my professional and personal life!

I have always been an Iowa girl, growing up on an acreage south of Parkersburg, Iowa.  I attended Timothy Christian School k-8th grade and went on to Aplington-Parkersburg High School.  I then spent my next four years in the education program at Northwestern College in Orange City Iowa, graduating in 2005 with a degree in elementary education and a middle school endorsement.  

I spent the following year as the high school youth director at my home church, the Parkersburg CRC.  It was then that God confirmed my calling into youth ministry.

Soon I was headed to Peoria Christian to begin my full-time teaching career.  There I taught classes to 3rd-8th graders for two years before God called me to be Oksaloosa Christian's first grade teacher.  

During my six years of teaching first grade, I met my dear husband, Caleb.  It was after the arrival of our son that we decided we needed to slow it was time for me to go home and be Mommy!  However, God would not let me leave school for long.  I enjoyed subbing and aiding at OSCI for a few years...

And NOW...God has called me my former first teach what I feel is not only the most challenging subject, but also the most critical.  It is with great humility that I approach the Bible classroom.  I know that on my own, I am not equipped, ...but God has promised to go with me...and in that I trust and take great comfort!  

I consider Christian education full-time youth ministry.  It is my goal not only to teach students the material and content from the curriculum, but even more importantly, to guide them on their spiritual journeys. That's why this opportunity is such a privilege--I get to step back into teaching students whom I have taught before and now am able to watch them grow and mature in their faith. 

Thank you for your prayers as we dig deeper into God's Word and what it means to our lives!  

​Mrs. Stam