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Who should apply?

Oskaloosa Christian School sees itself as an extension of a Christian home assisting parents in the nurturing of their children for a life of discipleship for Jesus Christ. Oskaloosa Christian assists parents by providing a Christ-centered education for Christian families that desire it. Christian families who share the same core values of:

*public worship (as evidenced by their church commitment and involvement)

*private worship (as evidenced by their prayer life, study of the Bible, and devotions at home)

*a recognition that God is the Lord of every area of their lives

*being involved in their child's education are encouraged to apply for admission to our school.

What steps are involved in admission?

An application form is completed, giving us an indication that the core values that all of our families share are shared by the applicant's family as well.

A signature on the Position Statement on Human Sexuality, indicating agreement with this policy.

A Pastor's recommendation is submitted from the church where the family is actively involved.  Families in the process of seeking a church home, a pastor's letter will be postponed until a church home is found.

An interview is held with the family by representatives of the administration to clarify the school's expectations, explain basic procedures, and answer any questions.

The representatives of the school then make a recommendation to the Board to accept the new family.

Registration takes place, at which time the parent provides necessary family information, gives acknowledgement of and agreement with the financial obligations as well as with the basic beliefs and purpose of the school.

Other Admission Questions

How long does the admission process take? The Board meets monthly, so depending on the timing of the application, the Pastor's recommendation, and interview, it will range from 1 to 4 weeks.


What is the cost? Tuition for the 2023-2024 school year is $6,500 for a student in grades 1 through 8 and $5,460 for a Traditional Kindergarten and $3,900 for Transitional Kindergarten. A Pre-registration fee of $300.00 per student entering Kinder Kids through fifth grade is due in the spring and the balance is paid over 9 months of the school year. Discounts are in place for pastors and for families with more than one student attending Oskaloosa Christian. For more information, refer to the Frequently Asked Questions page.