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Tuition for the 2022-2023 school year is $5,601 for a student in grades 1 through 8 and $4,705.47 for a Traditional Kindergarten and $3,361.05 for Transitional Kindergarten. A Pre-registration fee of $300.00 per student entering Kinder Kids through sixth grade is due in the spring and the balance is paid over 9 months of the school year. Discounts are in place for pastors and for families with more than one student attending Oskaloosa Christian.

Yes, Oskaloosa Christian has third party accreditation through Christian Schools International (CSI). Staff members are certified to teach in their various capacities and all State of Iowa standards for curriculum are met.

Oskaloosa Christian School seeks to use resources that will best prepare students in their academic development. Teachers are the living curriculum and, through the framework of Teaching for Transformation, bring Christian worldview and principles to bear on all subjects of learning. Publishers currently in use include Christian Schools International, Eureka Math, Savvas, National Geographic, Amplify Science, Houghton Mifflin, and Pierson - Prentice Hall.

Oskaloosa Christian participates in the School Tuition Organization, a program giving from the State of Iowa.  In it, donors give money to the organization in return for tax credits.  Those donations can then be given out in the form of scholarships to families who qualify.  The Board of Trustees also maintains a tuition assistance fund.  Each year families who wish to apply for Tuition Assistance submit an application to a third party.  This third party reviews the finances of each applicant and returns a report to the Finance Committee of the Board of Trustees.  The Finance Committee at Oskaloosa Christian award tuition grants of up to 40% off the cost of tuition based upon the needs of families who have applied along with the availability of assistance funding.  Families who have further need than their initial application reports, they may contact the school to get in touch with a finance committee member to discuss additional options.

All Christian families who confess Christ as Savior and Lord and demonstrate this commitment through their lifestyle, including active church membership (or searching for a church home), private family worship, and a home life that sees Christ as King may enroll their child(ren).

No, Oskaloosa Christian is a society-operated school that is not the ministry of any one particular church. Society members elect members of the Board who govern the school through the principal and staff.

For continued Christian education, students enroll at Pella Christian High in Pella. Bus service between Oskaloosa Christian and Pella Christian High is available.