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Oskaloosa Christian School Tuition Reduction Incentive Program



       TRIP is simply a word that means “substitute money” – in other words, TRIP is gift cards/certificates from local and national retailers.  TRIP participating retailers agree to sell their gift cards/certificates to Oskaloosa Christian School at a discount.  TRIP participating families buy the certificates for full face value and redeem them for full face value.  The discount goes directly into the account you specify on your registration form.  For example:  Hy-Vee offers a 5% rebate on gift cards.  If you buy a $100 card, that would be a $5 rebate. To cover expenses such as paper, postage, etc., our TRIP program keeps 17% of all rebates.  So, for instance, of the $5 rebate from Hy-Vee, we would keep $0.85.  That means the remaining $4.15 would go into your TRIP account. 

       You can purchase TRIP a couple of ways.  The most convenient way is through Cash & Carry. These are gift cards from various local businesses that can be purchased via the school office Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.  They come on a first come, first serve basis.  If a certain card runs out, then it will remain empty until we can restock.  The second way is by placing a GLScrip order--gift cards that are ordered via the Great Lakes Scrip center.  For this, you will fill out an order form (available in the plastic trays outside the office) or place your order online through the ShopwithScrip website.  This option offers a wider selection of businesses to choose from.       

       The beauty of TRIP is that you put your regular household shopping dollars to work.  You earn money for tuition/registration fees without spending a single additional penny.  TRIP can be used for just about any household purchase including food, clothing, gas, or dining out.  Families who regularly use TRIP can easily earn $400 or more each year just by purchasing TRIP for groceries and gas.  Imagine the potential savings if grandparents, relatives, and friends were contributing to your account!



How to use TRIP vouchers:  Request a voucher when you pay for your purchase at one of these retailers:


*Bruxvoort's Decorating        

*Dahm Dental 

*Interiors by Val                    

*Haines Auto Supply

*MidTown Tire                      

*Modern Floor Covering         

*Ozinga Feed                          

*Pella Glass & Home

*Pingels Home Good Store


They will record your total purchase amount on the form and sign it.  They will keep the pink copy, you keep the yellow and submit the white copy to the TRIP order box in the school office.  We send a letter to the vendors 2-3 times a year, they remit a check to us and we credit your account. 



Penn Central Mall gift certificates can be redeemed at the following stores: Gardner Collier Jewelry, Maurices, Penn, Pizza Ranch, and Spirit Store. Gift certificates are available in $10 and $20 amounts with a 5% contribution. Penn Central Mall is a cash and carry business also, which means it is available in the school office at any time and can be used immediately.